Felling Tree with Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf

A medium size oak we removed a few months back. We climbed and took down all the branches over the two houses, just felling remaining trunk in this video.

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Lawn Fertilizer Challenges

Applying lawn fertilizers is becoming more difficult and many cities will be watching you.Sweeping changes are taking place across this country as to who can apply fertilizer and what types of fertilizers can be applied.

Design Your Land With These Landscaping Tips

Is your home looking a little dull? If so, then your house might benefit from landscaping. You can do quite a bit for a home with just a bit of landscaping and make it a winner. For some landscaping tips that you can use, continue reading this article.

Garden Patio Design – How to Design a Patio

Garden design tips on how to design a garden patio (terrace). Ideas for surface materials for a patio, where to place the patio, how big the patio should be, and how to create privacy.

Excellent Yard Landscaping Concepts for Newbies

If you are apprehensive about landscaping your very own backyard because you have not done something like this before, then understand that even the most experienced expert has actually had to go back to square one. The most crucial thing when you are landscaping is that you are enjoying doing it, which will allow you to be able to genuinely reveal your creative side.

Proper Tree Nutrition

Trees need nutrients – chemical elements and compounds – for their internal metabolism and growth. Without the right amount of nutrients, a tree will have difficulty maturing. It will also become weak and more susceptible to disease.

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