How Much To Charge For Your Tree Service and How To Come Up With A Number (complete formula inside)

Hey guys this is just one of over 10 videos in my course of (How To Start Your Own Tree Service Business) where I talk about pricing a job, how to even come up with a number to how much to charge for your tree service.

I talk about my formula that I learned earlier on when I started my first company over 10 years ago. How to charge for your services and how much to charge in your tree service business.

As most you guys know, if you watched my previous video I was thinking of instead of charging you guys for this course, to simply uploaded on here for FREE for everyone who needs it to learn at no cost.

Well I’ve decided to give it to ya’ll for FREE..THAT’S RIGHT! FREE (NO CHARGE). What you see in this video is one out over 10 videos in my course on (How To Start Your Tree Service Business) where I show you step by step videos on how to begin your journey.

This course can help you even if you already have a business, as most us small business owner mostly focus on the work and not the behind the scene stuff of a business. So if you’re starting for the first time or have been in business a few years, this course is for you.

Some of the stuff you will be learning in my course:
– [ ] Choosing your company name
– [ ] Business Structure
– [ ] How to register your business in your state
– [ ] Opening a your business bank account
– [ ] Licensing requirements
– [ ] Insurances (liability, property insurance)
– [ ] Marketing
– [ ] Advertising
– [ ] Equipment/Tools
– [x] How much to charge for your services – the eternal question (This is the video you are currently watching)
– [ ] Business accounting (software to track everything)
– [ ] Contracts
– [ ] Your Brand
– [ ] Website
– [ ] Keep Customers Coming back

Now before I finish this course, I might add few more topics but I’m not sure yet. Whatever I decide one thing you know for sure is that you will have all of this information that I’ve put together over months and hours upon hours of recording and editing (YOURS FREE) how cool is that?

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For all business inquires:

Here is the other video I made of Tree Removal Cost a few months ago

DO NOT make any decisions based on Kenny’s videos. Please seek professional advice/training.

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