Kenny Sanchez owner of Kenny’s Tree Removal giving a quick review of the husqvarna 395xp commercial chainsaw. We put all of these chainsaw to the test, by working them on a regular basis in my company.
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The chainsaw reviews you see here are honest and comes from a tree guy in the trenches of a tree removal company. So if you’re a homeowner this chainsaws should last you a very long time.

Please make sure to watch our other chainsaw reviews on the channel, and leave us your input in the comment section.

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🧔🏻 Kenny Sanchez (#treeking) founder/owner of Kenny’s Tree Removal, a full tree service company specializing in the removal of trees in difficult/tight areas, including dead, diseased, hazardous trees, causing obstruction or for improving aesthetics.
Our services include tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal or grinding, tree cutting, land clearing.

Offering both residential tree services, and commercial tree service. We are fully insured and licensed and owner on every job. For more detail or to schedule a quote with our company please visit our website

Kenny is also a father of 4, loves spending time with his family and avid reader.


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