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The Rise in Popularity of Decorative Trellis

Trellis has seen somewhat of a resurgance in recent years. Introducing contemporary trellis or screening into a garden can create that show garden feel, whilst at the same time providing privacy.

The Benefits of Mulching for Your Lawn

A common service offered by lawn service companies is mulching. Mulching is the best and simplest process to maintain healthy and well-protected soil in gardens. Those who garden regularly will know, not having something to protect the soil of your flower beds and vegetables from the changing weather conditions is definitely not ideal.

How the Use of Pesticides Hurt the Environment

Although pesticides have many benefits, these chemicals can also harm the environment. When this happens, humans are also affected. Should we keep on using pesticides?

Best Evergreen Trees For Privacy

Instead of building a fence, some homeowners choose to plant a hedge for privacy. In addition to providing privacy a hedge will also act as a sound barrier and living snow fence.

How Shrubs Enhance A Landscape

Often called the backbone of a garden, shrubs enhance the look of a finished landscape scheme. If you have a landscape theme of shade trees mixed with evergreen conifers then by adding some shrubs this off offset the larger plants with a splash of vibrant color. Shrubs also enhances walkways, porches and small areas of your landscape and in areas where there is a need for small plants.

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