Tree removal cost, how much to charge for tree removal?

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These days Facebook tree guy forums get bombarded with people posting pictures of a tree and asking how much someone would charge to remove it. Know your numbers and on this video I show you how.


Example: Your total expenses
business $2000 monthly
personal $2500 monthly
for a total of $4500
now divide the total expenses by how many days you gonna or want to work that month. Example lets say you want to work 20 days total.
$4500/20 days=$225 this number is your daily minimum amount you have to make to brake even in your business.
now you have to figure out how much you want to pay yourself, example lets say $3000 so that brings total to $7500, 4500 expenses + 3000 you want to make. Now divide 7500/20 days =$375 so this is how much you need to make each of those 20 days you work be able to pay all of your expenses and have $3000 extra to grow your business, go on vacation etc.

Hope this makes sense to you and helps you in any ways. If you have any questions feel free to leave it in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer it.
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