Tree Removal – Cutting Down Pine Tree Husqvarna 390xp

Pine removal covered in vines and large cavity lower section of the trunk.

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Kenny Sanchez is a small business owner and the founder of Kenny’s Tree Removal, a tree service company specializing on the removal of dangerous trees, but also offering a wide range of tree services.

Kenny is also a father to 3 boys, an avid reader and loves editing videos. From a young age he enjoyed business and dealing with others, starting at 11 years old buying comic books and trading them for video games, to collecting aluminum cans and putting rocks in them to make them heavier for more money, to multiple business ventures over the years.

Kenny is the host of 5 Minutes With Kenny, a show we talk about business, marketing, life, tools, and much more. He answers your questions and talks about topics that matter to you.
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